40 facts for The Hive 2015

This weekend I will be attending the european blogger conference The Hive for the third time in Berlin. Yvonne – heart and organizer of the event – has invited all attendees to take part in sharing “40 Things About Me”. It was a challenge for me to gather mine together because, you know, 40 is quite a lot.  But I finally made it and here they are. Perhaps you can finding out some new things about me.

40Facts4TheHive(Photo by JensensWohnzimmerstudio)

#1 My name is Maria. I live and work in a city called Rostock, located in the northeast of Germany.
#2 I’ve always lived next to the baltic sea. I feel like it’s my place to be.
#3 My first cinema movie was E.T. and I remember feeling sad all the way home because I didn’t want E.T. to go back.
#4 Maybe because of E.T. I like horror movies. I can even watch them before sleeping.
#5 I’m not a morning person.
#6 I rarely got to bed before 2 a.m.
#7 I couldn’t live without the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning.
#8 I like spring, but what I truely love is summer.
#9 If it’s warm and sunny outside, I hate beeing inside.
#10 I can spend whole days at the beach without getting bored for one moment.
#11 I don’t like fall and winter. My mood gets worse as the weather gets colder and the days get shorter.
#12 I never say no to a cold beer and a good soccer match on TV..
#13 I don’t like sparkling wine. It makes me get too drunk too fast.
#14 My favorite meal is french fries with mayo.
#15 I’m a proud owner of a vintage camper van since 10 years now.
#16 I sleep in my van whenever I can. Even if I visit my parents I use to sleep in it in front of their house.
#17 I love driving. It relaxes me.
#18 I dream to go an a road trip for at least one year. I don’t really mind where to, i just want to travel around.
#19 I don’t own a microwave or a dishwasher.
#20 When I was young, I wanted to become a veterenary or hospital nurse.
#21 After school I started to study elementary school education.
#22 I enjoyed teaching kids but I never graduated. It’s one of the biggest sore points in my life.
#23 I run my own handmade label since 2007 and just wrote my 2nd DIY book which will be published next month.
#24 I started to learn spanish at universtiy.
#25 For a long time it was my dream to move to spain.
#26 I went to Barcelona for 3 months when I was 25.
#27 I never have long fingernails. I can’t handle them. I blame it on the types of hand crafts that I do.
#28 I also rarely wear lipstick. But sometimes I wish I would.
#29 I mainly wear black, grey or blue clothes, even though I love colors and patterns on other people.
#30 I can’t remember the last time I was bored.
#31 My favourite subject at school was Art. The subject I hatet most was Sport. Till today I’m not a sporty person.
#32 Even though I was in a volleyball team for many years.
#33 I can’t sing. I only do it if I’m totally sure that no one’s listening.
#34 I love watching people in cafés or clubs.
#35 A good thrift store find always makes me happy.
#36 When I’m tired, I can fall asleep anywhere: in trains, cinemas or even discos.
#37 I’m a bad person when I’m hungry.
#38 I dyed my hair Run Lola Run-Red when I was a teen and kept it for almost 2 years.
#39 I’m afraid of getting older, evidently out of fear I might miss something.
#40 I’m a shy person. I mean very shy. So don’t hesitate to tap on my shoulder and say “hi” if you see me this weekend at The Hive!

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3 Responses to 40 facts for The Hive 2015

  1. Julika | 45 lebensfrohe Quadratmeter 10. April 2015 at 07:41 #

    Hey Maria!
    Tolle 40 Fakten hast Du da aufgeschrieben – und ja, 40 ist wirklich jede Menge! Und wie schön, dass Du auch dabei sein wirst am Wochenende! Freu mich, Dich kennenzulernen!

  2. Jenni (Museum Diary) 10. April 2015 at 12:23 #

    I was in a volleyball team too when I was younger, despite not being very sporty and hating sports at school :D See you at The Hive!

  3. Ellen 13. April 2015 at 20:08 #

    Ich beantrage, dass Bochum neben Rostock gelegt wird. Es war wunderbar, dich zu sehen und ich hätte das vergnügen äußerst gern öfter.

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