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40 facts for The Hive 2015

This weekend I will be attending the european blogger conference The Hive for the third time in Berlin. Yvonne – heart and organizer of the event – has invited all attendees to take part in sharing „40 Things About Me“. It was a challenge for me to gather mine together because, you know, 40 is quite a lot.  But I finally made it and here they are. Perhaps you can finding out some new things about me.

40Facts4TheHive(Photo by JensensWohnzimmerstudio)

#1 My name is Maria. I live and work in a city called Rostock, located in the northeast of Germany.
#2 I’ve always lived next to the baltic sea. I feel like it’s my place to be.
#3 My first cinema movie was E.T. and I remember feeling sad all the way home because I didn’t want E.T. to go back.
#4 Maybe because of E.T. I like horror movies. I can even watch them before sleeping.
#5 I’m not a morning person.
#6 I rarely got to bed before 2 a.m.
#7 I couldn’t live without the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning.
#8 I like spring, but what I truely love is summer.
#9 If it’s warm and sunny outside, I hate beeing inside.
#10 I can spend whole days at the beach without getting bored for one moment.
#11 I don’t like fall and winter. My mood gets worse as the weather gets colder and the days get shorter.
#12 I never say no to a cold beer and a good soccer match on TV..
#13 I don’t like sparkling wine. It makes me get too drunk too fast.
#14 My favorite meal is french fries with mayo.
#15 I’m a proud owner of a vintage camper van since 10 years now.
#16 I sleep in my van whenever I can. Even if I visit my parents I use to sleep in it in front of their house.
#17 I love driving. It relaxes me.
#18 I dream to go an a road trip for at least one year. I don’t really mind where to, i just want to travel around.
#19 I don’t own a microwave or a dishwasher.
#20 When I was young, I wanted to become a veterenary or hospital nurse.
#21 After school I started to study elementary school education.
#22 I enjoyed teaching kids but I never graduated. It’s one of the biggest sore points in my life.
#23 I run my own handmade label since 2007 and just wrote my 2nd DIY book which will be published next month.
#24 I started to learn spanish at universtiy.
#25 For a long time it was my dream to move to spain.
#26 I went to Barcelona for 3 months when I was 25.
#27 I never have long fingernails. I can’t handle them. I blame it on the types of hand crafts that I do.
#28 I also rarely wear lipstick. But sometimes I wish I would.
#29 I mainly wear black, grey or blue clothes, even though I love colors and patterns on other people.
#30 I can’t remember the last time I was bored.
#31 My favourite subject at school was Art. The subject I hatet most was Sport. Till today I’m not a sporty person.
#32 Even though I was in a volleyball team for many years.
#33 I can’t sing. I only do it if I’m totally sure that no one’s listening.
#34 I love watching people in cafés or clubs.
#35 A good thrift store find always makes me happy.
#36 When I’m tired, I can fall asleep anywhere: in trains, cinemas or even discos.
#37 I’m a bad person when I’m hungry.
#38 I dyed my hair Run Lola Run-Red when I was a teen and kept it for almost 2 years.
#39 I’m afraid of getting older, evidently out of fear I might miss something.
#40 I’m a shy person. I mean very shy. So don’t hesitate to tap on my shoulder and say „hi“ if you see me this weekend at The Hive!


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