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    DIY Tool Roll Bag made from Leather // Werkzeugrolle aus Leder

    DIY Tool Roll Bag made from Leather

    [Werbung. / Post sponsored by Volkswagen.]* Regardless if you are going on a camping trip or a bicycle tour, it is often a good idea to take some tools along. With a tool roll bag, you have the most important tools at hand even when you are on the road. A roll bag allows you to neatly arrange and store wrenches, pliers and other tools while saving space. Furthermore, you can carry many different things in such a tool roll and when you are sewing it, you can already adjust it to your personal needs. Ob Campingausflug oder Fahrradtour, bei so mancher Gelegenheit ist es von Vorteil, das ein oder…

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    DIY Magnetic Poster Rails // Magnetische Posterleisten aus Holz

    DIY Magnetische Posterleisten aus Holz via naehmarie.de

    [Werbung. / Post sponsored by Volkswagen.]* I used to pin beautiful holiday memories to the wall rather carelessly, but from now on, I will provide them with a nice stage: homemade poster rails are particularly handy for bigger and unusual poster formats, for which it is difficult to find a frame. Since the posters are held by magnets, they will not be damaged by drawing pins or adhesive strips and can be changed easily. Bisher hatte ich schöne Urlaubserinnerungen ja eher lieblos an die Wand gepinnt, aber ab jetzt werden sie gekonnt in Szene gesetzt: Selbstgemachte Posterleisten sind besonders praktisch für große und schwierige Poster-Formate, die sich nur schwer rahmen…

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    DIY Quick Car Seat Cover // Schneller Autositzschoner aus Baumwolle

    DIY Quick Car Seat Cover

    [Post sponsored by Volkswagen.] A self-made car seat cover is not only a highlight in the interior of a car, but also a great way to cover up worn-out seats covers or protect the original seats. And, let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter if it’s dirt from gardening or working on your car, you just don’t want it inside your car. If you add a waterproof back to the cover, it will also be resistant to sweat or water. The simple shape makes it easy to put it on and take it off – and when it’s folded together, you can simply store it in the glove compartment. If necessary,…

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    Sieben-Sachen-Sonntag {188}

    Der Sieben-Sachen-Sonntag wurde von Frau Liebe ins Leben gerufen. An dieser Stelle und (möglichst) immer wieder sonntags – manchmal auch erst montags oder dienstags – gibt es hier deshalb 7 Bilder von 7 Sachen, für die ich sonntags meine 2 Hände gebraucht habe: Seven-Things-Sunday {188} The “Seven-Things-Sunday” was invented by Frau Liebe. Every sunday I’m blogging about seven things I’ve done with my own two hands.